1. No sliding or slide tackling is permitted. Players are to remain on their feet. Sliding with no contact is an indirect free kick. A slide tackle with contact is a direct free kick or PK and a send off to cool down (and perhaps a yellow card if reckless). Shoulder-to-shoulder contact only. Play the ball, not the man.

    A red card may be issued based on the Referee's interpretation of the offending player's intent and aggressiveness.

    Exception: a goalkeeper is permitted to slide if there is no player involvement, such as sliding to prevent the ball from entering the goal.

  1. ANY contact with the goalkeeper may result in the offender being sent off for a cool-down period. 50/50 with the keeper, player to peel off. Protect the keepers.

  2. You may challenge for the ball on a cross/corner, BUT if you make contact with the keeper you may be sent off for a cool-down period and may receive a yellow card, depending upon severity.

  3. Fouls and Misconduct: Violent conduct, fighting, serious foul play, or foul, insulting and abusive language or gestures towards an official or opponent will result in a red card and immediate expulsion from the game. Further discipline may include expulsion from the league for the season or longer.

  4. Foul language will not be tolerated. Use of foul language may result in a yellow (and a send-off to cool down) or red card.

  5. If the Referee determines a player to be overly aggressive, angry, emotional regarding the game, or undermining the intended spirit of the game, the Referee may at their discretion order the player off the pitch for a cool-down period of whatever length the Referee determines. A substitute player is permitted as a replacement.

  6. Women may protect their chest with crossed arms, if done in such a manner as to not redirect the ball.

  7. If in the opinion of the Referee, men are using unduly aggressive play that prevents female players of their own or another team from playing the ball, they will be penalized, with an indirect free kick and any other sanction the Referee may determine.

  8. Excluding the goalkeeper, there will be five female players and five male players on the pitch for each team at all times. If a team has less than five female players available, then the following will apply:

    • Team managers can arrange to balance the number of women on the team by loaning players between teams, after notifying the Referee.
    • If a team is unable to have the required number of female players, playing extra male players is not permitted.
  1. When a team manager knows in advance of player shortage for a given game, they are permitted to use players from other team rosters not playing that day.

  2. Only players who are registered with a team may play in this League.

  3. Equipment: Players

    Players must not wear anything that is dangerous. Referees shall send off any player using such equipment. As it applies to this league, that means:

    • No jewellery.
    • Goalkeepers may wear a hat but it must have a soft flexible brim.
    • Players wearing a leg/knee brace must have a sleeve covering it.
    • Players shall not use soccer boots equipped with metal-cleated studs.
    • Players must wear shin guards.
  1. Equipment: Team

    • Each team must supply two corner flags and 10 cones for each game, to indicate the playing boundaries of the pitch. The Referee may fine teams ($10) not supplying this equipment. Such violations shall be including in game reports.
    • In the event that the Referee determines that each team's colours are too similar, the home team will change the colour of their jerseys or use pinnies.
    • Where possible, teams are encouraged to provide a net for their goal.
  1. Goalkeepers may not handle pass backs or throw-ins with their hands.

  2. If during a game, a player incurs a blood loss injury, or a release of blood occurs resulting from a medical condition, that player must immediately withdraw from the game until the loss of blood can be stopped. The game Referee must not allow the player to re-enter the game until the flow of blood has been stopped to the Referee's satisfaction.

  3. Any clothing worn by a player experiencing a loss of blood, or other players whose clothing was also exposed to any blood, must replace that clothing before being permitted to enter or re-enter the game.

  4. Teams defaulting a game without the prior permission of the League will be responsible for the costs of field rental and referee fees.


  1. Discipline shall be conducted in accordance with the BC Soccer Association Rules and Regulations (PDF). The BCGECSS has and may continue to impose stronger discipline to reinforce the spirit of the league.

  2. The Discipline Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President and Head Referee. In the event of absence or conflict, the Past President will be assigned to this task.


  1. Each team must submit a complete roster to the League President (or designate) before the first League game. Teams not submitting rosters may be suspended and can be replaced by teams applying to the league. Additions to the rosters after League play begins must be approved by the League President (or designate).

  2. Only players appearing on the roster may participate in both League and tournament play.

  3. Team managers must provide two copies of their game rosters: one to the Officials and one to the opposing team, no later than half-time.


  1. The League will work with field providers to determine the best-quality fields. All teams play each other once during the season.

  2. The tournament schedule will be determined by the League President (or designate) and may include makeup games resulting from cancellations during League play or from scheduling overflow.


  1. Each game is 90 minutes in length (45 minutes per half), excluding any extra time that the Referee may add. All grass-field games begin at 6:30 pm sharp. Turf field times vary. The Referees will start their clocks at the designated time.

  2. Each half-time shall be 10 minutes; teams change ends for the second half.

  3. Teams may make unlimited substitutions during stoppages in play, to be approved by the Referee.

  4. All games are played despite weather. Games will only be canceled by the President, Vice President, Head Referee, or their designate, if requested by both teams. The field supplier may also cancel games. Canceled games will be made up in the tournament where possible.

  5. Tournament games are 70 minutes in length (35 minutes per half), plus a 5-minute half-time.