The 2024 season has started.

These scrimmages are generally aimed at co-ed players who are over 40. They will be joined by men from Centaurs 48+, many of whom are 55 to 60 years old. The Centaurs are a team in the South Vancouver Island Classics' Soccer Association (SVICSA). Other players are welcome, provided they can fit into a friendly, relaxed scrimmage.

Players already on a BCGESS or SVICSA team do not need to register.

Other players need to register using the New Player Registration Form, and choosing “Masters Coed” as their team. This will ensure our insurance is valid.

The scrimmages will run on Monday evenings until mid-August on the new Finlayson half-field turf.


Note: Our schedule changes because of working around other users.

Days Dates Times Notes
Mondays April 22 to June 24 8-9:00 pm May not play on May 20: stat holiday
Mondays July 8 to July 29 7-8:00 pm May not play July 1 and Aug 5: stat holidays

* Masters co-ed players have the option to join Centaurs scrimmages through the fall and winter. Separate fees will apply.


  • Whole season: $40 (16 sessions)
  • Drop-in for five weeks: $20
  • Drop-in per week $5.



Contact Hu Wallis, Vice President