Hi, Managers!

I hope everyone is off to a great start this year! I know your executive is busy. Hu continues to look after our fields; Jim is reviewing rosters as they are submitted; James is managing a smooth transition in taking over as ref coordinator; the disciplinary committee is up and running; and Dean is busy collecting dues.

In the four games Financial Affairs has been involved in, the other teams were great, positive, and we had a lot of fun. I really appreciate the sharing of players, which has helped make for a better game when the other team was short.

As always, we continue to emphasize this is recreational league and the refs (from my experience so far) are doing a great job in reining in rough play. Remember that slide tackles or contact with the goalie in particular will be not tolerated. We are also asking to make sure we tone down any negative energy or aggressive banter. We all want a positive environment to enjoy playing.

For those who have not done so, PLEASE get your rosters submitted. Also please start (or finish) paying your dues!

Stay tuned for possible schedule changes – we have applied for time at the new Vic High turf, and the school district plans to make decisions soon. There will be a note to managers if schedule changes are made.

Finally, remember the date for the wind-up even: August 10th at JDF grass fields. We are sticking with a 7X7 format with a beverage garden and AGM. We will be looking for volunteers to help set up and take down and run the beer garden. We will also be asking for coolers, canopies, table and chairs to borrow for the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your executive!

Take care and keep kicking!

Brent Mueller



The season will run from Tuesday April 23 to Thursday August 8 (16 weeks). The 2024 schedule is posted. Field changes may need to be made during the season, e.g., as turf field decisions are made. Team managers will be notified of any changes, and these will also be posted here.

Note: Effective May 2 at the Velodrome

  • Thursday games kick off as close as feasible to 8:30 pm. Lights are on until 10:30 PM (This change has been made on the schedule.)
  • Tuesday games kick off at 8:15 pm. Lights are on until 10:00 PM


We expect to start the season on grass fields and shift to turf fields through June and into July, as we have for some years.

  • Fields for season start: Claremont, Colville, Victor Brodeur, JDF Velodrome (turf)

  • Turf fields: only UVic and Finlayson are confirmed. Decisions about Vic High have not been made yet.


17 teams are confirmed. One team will have a BYE each week.

Team Fees

Team fees are $2200 for the 2024 season. Teams are requested to pay:

  • At least $1000 by May 10

  • The balance by May 31


The season windup is planned for Juan de Fuca fields on August 10. There will be three short games of 7-aside and the annual general meeting.


We are confirming our roster of referees and aiming to add more female officials.


Please let Hu Wallis (VP) know if you have any questions.