All players at the time of the BCGECSS Constitution are members.

  1. Every member must uphold the constitution and comply with these bylaws and the League Rules.

  2. All members must sign the BCGECSS Waiver and Release of Liability form to be permitted to play.

  3. The League reserves the right to deny membership, suspend or expel a player from the League:

    1. All existing players are included in this League. When signing team members, teams shall first recruit from persons employed in the public sector. "Public sector" shall be interpreted as all levels of government, including Crown corporations, public agencies and publicly funded educational institutions (not students). This also includes former or retired public-sector employees or those whose functions have been privatized or transferred.

      The League requires that teams needing additional players first use the League's player pool, and then family members. These last two options must meet the League's criteria for male and female players. Teams shall maintain a majority of their players from the public sector.

    2. No player shall be under the age of 16 as of April 1 of each year.

    3. Managers shall certify to the League that all players have no outstanding suspensions or prohibitions from other leagues or elsewhere within FIFA.

    4. All players must sign League Liability Waivers. Any player not signing the League Liability Waiver will not be permitted to play. Managers must retain League Liability Waivers.

    5. No team shall create selection criteria that would discriminate on the basis of skill/ability level, age, colour, race or sexual orientation.

    6. Eligibility criteria and disciplinary actions apply to both League and tournament play.

    7. Women: From April 1, 2007, an existing female player whose LIWSA League team is promoted from Division 1 to Premier shall be eligible to play, provided that she has played two of more years in this League.

      No team shall sign Premier League players without previous experience in this League. No active players from Metro, High Performance, Y-Leagues, intercollegiate or professional, professional development league or equivalent (W-League, PDL, BC Premier League) are eligible to play in this League.

    8. Men: From April 1, 2007 a male player's winter league Division 3 team is promoted to Division 2. That player shall continue to play in the League provided that he has played two or more years in the League.

      No active players from VISL Division 1, 2 (with the above promotion exception), Metro, Y-League, High Performance, intercollegiate, any professional or professional development league or equivalent (USL, PDL, BC Premier League) are eligible to play in this League.