Our Head Referee Says 2023 Was an Especially Good Season!

I would describe this season as somewhat historic in that there were zero red cards and only three yellow cards shown. My thanks and congratulations to the managers for showing leadership by ensuring their teams played within the spirit of the league, and to the players for respecting the fact that we are a friendly recreational coed league that exists for the enjoyment of players at all levels.

Al Moir, Head Referee (2023)


More Thanks from Saanich United Soccer!

June 21, 2023

Great game with CRD last night. Direct quote from one of their players: "Last night was the most fun game we've played. Well fought, fair game!"

Paul Affleck, Team Manager, Saanich United


Thanks, Labour Rangers — from Saanich United Soccer!

May 19, 2023

I'd like to give a shout-out to Labour Rangers for such a fun, evenly matched game last night, as well as the ref who was very well suited to rec league soccer.

Not only was it a great game, but we had an incident near the end of the first half involving two missing children. The referee used his discretion and ended the half early so our team could assist the parents in the search.

A few Labour players offered a hand as well, and I think it was actually someone associated with their team who found the kids in the bushes next to the field. Even with multiple adults on the sideline, it's crazy how quickly kids can vanish.

Craig and Lauryn: kudos to your classy crew. And I'm sure every team in the league is envious that you have enough players to do a full line change!! Enjoy the rest of your season.

P.S. Huge thanks for lining the field with your own equipment!

Paul Affleck, Team Manager, Saanich United


Hats off to Advanced Ed and Financial Affairs — from Referee Tim West!

May 2, 2023

Just a quick note to say that both teams were super enthusiastic, played well and were a delight to referee. Sportsmanship was displayed by both teams and I was tickled by the enthusiasm. Just wanted you to know.

Tim West, Referee

And while we're on the topic: Props to Tim for such encouraging feedback!