Minutes: Managers' Meeting, February 25, 2019 (PDF)

Update to Meeting Minutes: The following has occurred since the February 25 meeting:

  • The Fields Committee has recommended the preferred use of grass fields in this order:
    1. Victor Brodeur
    2. Arbutus
    3. Lower Claremont
    4. Royal Oak
  • A new team is joining the league: Resuscitators. This will offset the withdrawal of Education subsequent to the meeting, leaving us with 19 teams.
  • Field uncertainty may continue into the season. However, costs are lower than last year, mainly due to having a bye each week.

BCGECSS Constitution (PDF)

Note: This constitution includes player rules.

Financial Statement Year End, March 2018 (PDF)

Waiver Form (PDF)

All players in this league must sign the waiver form. Every team must keep these forms, and have them available for inspection for every game played. This is not an option. Any player not signing this form will not be permitted to play.