Player Team Reason Action Date
Yellow Cards
Alex Honey Resuscitators Unsporting Behavior for a late Reckless Challenge from behind   July 28, 2022
David Lark Attorney General Dissent   June 16, 2022
Nicholas Levytskyi Reds United Unsporting Behaviour: late reckless challenge from behind   June 14, 2022
David Lark Attorney General Dissent   May 31, 2022
Darren Findlay Attorney General Unsporting Behaviour: stopping a promising attack   May 31, 2022
Roberto Prieto CRD Unsporting Behaviour: reckless challenge   April 28, 2022
Red Cards
James Chaney Energy & Mines Shown a red card for receiving two cautions in the same game. 2-game suspension July 5, 2022
Arden Strang Resuscitators Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity 1-game suspension May 19, 2022

If you have an incident in your league play that you feel is unsportsmanlike please file a report with the BCGECSS President and it will be investigated.